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That is a really good point. However the spies should be used as the name implies. To spy on another city. The monks should be used to counter the spies. You can recruit the monks from the church/monastary and the spies from a new building. With the new way to "stack" troops you are recruiting ,with a little gold spent of course, we don't need all the slots. Based on the level of your new spy building versus the level of the church, will determine what information about the opposing city you get back. For instance, wall hp, troop count, resources etc.
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Default Response to Spies and Monks

1. Where would these units be recruited from? Spies: large city (rampant crime provides experience) or small village (hunting skills); Monks: I see Monks from small towns or villages, e.g. monks are pastoral in nature, something lost in the big city.
2. What would their powers or abilities be? Spies: discover resources, defense, and assassination; Monks: in town healing bonus and minor addition to loyalty; loyalty bonus when accompanying a war party and first aid (instead of a unit dying, it goes to 1).
3. What would be the resource requirement? Spies: Infantry+Light Cavalry; Monks: Militia
4. Any other requirement/prerequisite? Spies: Limit = 1 + 1 for each 3 cities; Monks: 1 per city
5. How are they killed? Spies: hit points as Light Cavalry, weak against ground troops; Monks: 75% resistance to ground and mounted troops, weak against siege equipment.
6. How are they handled in battle, if they end up in battle? Spies can hide form battle; Monks are protected by the church, weak to siege equipment, resistant to ground and mounted troops.
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Yes, when does the next game start....
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I think the food cap needs to be upped to about 12-15k ATLEAST... In b1 i couldnt even defend my citys ... i had 182 citys an from usin so much food for heirs an what not i think at the end i Might have had 25k troops.. an not even good ones.. you should be able to have decent size armys to protect your citys.. like maybe once you reach a certain amount of citys your cap gets bumped up a bit .. or somethin like that.. but i kno one thing 7k is NO WHERE NEAR enough.. maybe for someone with 20 citys but any more then that is horrible cause you cant defend them very good... i think you should be rewarded with being able to have a lot bigger army if you have a ton of citys.. you shouldnt be punished an only have 25k troops when you have 150+ citys an a person with 20 citys has a bigger army then you.. doesnt make sense to me...
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where are the spikes and monks and when new round will start :cool
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Default Brother Chrysagon

Being a devout brother, .... I should have to approve.
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1. They should be recruited from the cathedral.
2. Not in battle-Increase recource production.
In battle-Strongest 3 units + 10% lives and/or damage
3. 40 food 4000 of every resourse, 5 hours
4. None
5. Never killed (assuming every castle had the same religion back then),the other player "takes him", just giving him battle points(they dont get a monk)
6. Never "in battle", Strongest 3 units + 10% lives and/or damage
1. They should be recruited from the large academy.
2. Send them to scout-retrieve information about enemy
Winning a battle-retrieve some information about enemy
3. 40 food 4000 of every resourse, 5 hours
4. None
5. In battle, trying to spy
6. In battle-weak against all of them, hide in the back

More soldiers, better walls, monk= need more spies
Travel 2x faster by themselves
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There is an old saying in espionage warfare.
"It takes a spy to catch a spy"
Semper Fi
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i have seen spies used in other games, and think it could be a good introduction for the game. I would suggest they are recruited through a new building, or through the royal estate. I would suggest their powers would be to spy and report back on troop types and counts, and that they can only be killed by other spies.
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Default Necessary addition the spies

I think that is necessary addition the spies in the game. It is not right someone attack in the "dark". Thank you.
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