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Um days? How about years - like 10 of them. You were even given more than one warning and ignored them all. So sad - like - listen and this would not have happened.
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i wish every player can make only 2 account
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Originally Posted by Kalypso View Post
shehadagun, I think you missed the point: Anyone can have ONE account. And each IP can have up to 3 accounts, according to our rules (see #2) specifically geared toward Family Play. However, for example, I can not have 2 or more accounts that I play by myself. See the difference? But, to avoid being confused with an actual multi-accounter (one person playing 2 or more accounts), just make sure JR and myself are aware of the situation. Never hesitate to ask if you are unsure. We'll be happy to help as we can.
note: it is against the rules to invite friends on the same IP. You may be banned for doing so.
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