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Attacking a Rebel City and Surviving
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Old 10-03-2011, 03:58 PM
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Smile Attacking a Rebel City and Surviving

What force should I use for my army?

This is a timeless DAWland question And it has as many answers as the game has players. I am going to take a dangerous step and make a suggestion that will certainly be torn apart by those with differing opinions. My only plea is that I have one of the lowest loss rates around and so it must work

4 Units of Elite Pikemen
2 Units of Foot Knights
2 Units of Templar Knights
4 Units of Longbowmen
1 Unit of Light Cav
1 Unit of Heavy Cav
2 Units of Knights + 1 Royal Heir OR 3 Units of Knights

This gives you a total force of 450 men. Against a force of 300 rebels my units lost 98 men to take out the whole rebel force.

Factors that Influence the Combat

The most important thing is experience. IF you can afford the military advisor that gives all your units a head start with 150 experience (1 chevron). A force without chevrons will take a lot more loses.

Morale seems to have some impact too so having the Bishop might be an aid.

Bad Things That Can Happen

About 1 time in 20 I run into a force with some rebel units that just refuse to die. The only option is to recall your army.

Also, you may find a rebel force with for example Mostly elite pikemen - they will slaughter your cavalry without much regard to the morale and experience of your units. That is part of the "fog of war" and you will just have to live with it.

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Old 10-03-2011, 11:04 PM
DellStreak DellStreak is offline
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Aren't Pikeman and bowman defensive units?
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Old 10-04-2011, 12:25 AM
JRRayder JRRayder is offline
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The combat system actually pairs up units in combat as follows...

Cavalry attacks Archers
Pikemen attack Cavalry
Infantry attacks Pikemen
and Archers attack Infantry

If you have a "hole" in your force mix you take a significant number of additional losses. I can't tell you if it is a defensive issue or an offensive issue but including the pikemen and longbowmen make your army a whole lot tougher for the rebels to fight.
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Old 10-22-2011, 12:27 AM
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Thumbs up My modifications to JRRayder's attack force.

I tried his combination at the beginning of this campaign. It worked sort of. I was coming up against some really tough rebels and was getting troops killed left and right. My entire army in fact a couple of times, in spite of the advisers I had paid for. I hate spending time and resources and hate even more to lose.

I added 1 or 2 more pikemen and the same number of archers or crossbowmen. That worked a little bit better. I am willing to recall my heir and other troops before losing all my infantry and cavalry. Cheaper and faster than building entire sets of new troops, besides they keep the kill points they have earned. If my pikemen and archers are taking a beating but are gaining points as well I will recall, retrain, and add a couple more of the troops needed to fight that particular rebel city forces. For example, if I'm losing cavalry and knights I will add more archers and so on. I like to keep the same number of archers and pikemen but that is not necessary.

If all I do is "retrain" I can usually go back out in a very few minutes and win and gain points for my heir.

I also found that if I could not get elite pikemen and elite archers, the junior version still works fairly well. They have surprised me by surviving on more than one occasion.

I hope this helps. If there are any questions you can post or email me.

Have fun gaming!

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Old 02-23-2012, 02:40 AM
minevilking minevilking is offline
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Unhappy It worked ok

I was against mostly elite pikemen and like you said they killed ALL my cav. except my heir and i put more than u told me to, that was a mistake. but my longbowmen killed a lot of them off. They killed my templar Knights too!!!
Soo sad, in all they killed 227 of my guys they only had 101 people, my dead was mostly the cav. though
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Old 02-23-2012, 03:01 AM
minevilking minevilking is offline
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Default wait also . . .

ohhhh and I had 660 people. How did they kill so many and is that even realistic? I would get to their wall and surround the gate and then break the front of their wall down, with my Ballistias and catapult things making a good entrance for my troops then i would invade each house or building killing everyone in them if I couldn't get in to each house I would shoot at them though windows or little holes or whatever they had then or even climb there if i had to. Even if they had any guards on the walls I would shoot them with my 160 or so longbow and crossbow men. The enemy would be dead with only 5-10 deaths of my troops
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Old 03-01-2012, 04:22 PM
diasho diasho is offline
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the mechanics of the game are NOTHING even REMOTELY resembling the way things worked in reality. Simply figure out something that works using the games mechanics and use it. If you want something closer to reality play Total War, while not an MMOG they do base units, and abilities on historical abilities. If you are going to play here or on any other similar game you can make suggestions, I have lol, but in the end you really can't expect much in the way of unit, or battlefield accuracy.
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Old 06-04-2012, 07:13 PM
Brack Brack is offline
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Post follow what JRrayder said

Once again it doesn't always matter what you send with what. You just need to find out what units they have and counter them. Pickng certain ways to send only that type of troops is certain to fail some day. You have to be strategic about it. Unless you send a lot of everything!

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Old 08-07-2013, 08:01 PM
Edigodiuss Edigodiuss is offline
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Something you should do before you start seriously attacking.

Send a scouting group!
Get some militia units, and 1 ram unit. Send them to the rebel town you're fighting and wait for the battle report. Most likely they will all get killed off, but you'll be able to see what you're facing in the battle report, and therefore send the troops that won't get instantly killed. Like, sending archers (unless they're advanced archers) against cavalry is basically sending them to die in vain. Or sending the low types of cavalry against heavy pikemen is also sending them to their doom. Etc.
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Old 04-02-2022, 08:07 AM
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attacking, rebel city, winning

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