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Question A few important questions

I know you want change your mind about banning us, but please answer these questions.You banned me without answering some of my questions. First of all 1o accounts to are ip address?!?! I knew that he opened 1 account. He later messaged me that he had put 3 more isallations, but i thought he was tallking about the little game he was playing where we were in this video game. To get to the point there were some fancy words in it like installations. (Thats where he came up with the weird names.) I know that you are probably wonndering what that has to do with anything, but its about this: he opened three accounts on HIS ip address or whatever that is. You said that there we're 11 or 10 accounts tracked to ONE ip address. I want to know how we were all tracked to the same account, and where the number 10 or 11 came from. Even if you tracked all of our accounts to the same ip address there should only be 6 accounts. I know it doesnt change anything, but im curious to know.
Also please message Sojourner to keep praying for my Uncle every Sunday at his church. He'll know what im talking about.
I would also like to apolagize if Levi's multiple accounts caused any damage. If he did he never met it, he diddn't know what he was doing. He was making it out like we were contacting our base. The... manager of the base was Captain Keys. I'm... sorry for all the problems we have caused you. I honestly believe that we diddnt deserve being banned, but i understand you have to do what you have to do. Besides i dont know the severity of what we did.
-This is for JRrayder to answer
I will be checking the threds or whatever to see your reply, so please answer my question. Thank you for giving me the option to contact the support team.
Even though I know you want change your mind i'll frequently check the threads just in case you change your mind.(im not contacting you to get back on the game cause i know you will not let us) I'll tell Levi and masterchief (a.k.a. Hunter) that you have let us play again. We will never again make multiple accounts. I'm not contacting you to ask for you to unban us but that would be nice. Never mind please tell soj and reply to my message. Thanks for letting me use support team to contact you JRrayder.
-This is meant to be answered by JRrayder

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There were actually 12 accounts related to the same IP address. How I determined that is part of the security system of DAW itself so that will remain a mystery to you.

This is known as multi-accounting and is a bannable offense in any online game I have ever had experience with including DAW.

The severity of it is that it allows players to use several accounts to gain resources, trade, attack others, etc. As the game moderator - I have no idea if any of this happened but the agreement you clicked "yes" to in the beginning when you first started playing DAW said you would not multi-account. I can't determine the reasons someone signed up for multiple accounts. That is why the game rules state up front it is a bannable offense.

One important in-game impact of multi-accounting is that you all between you had 12 cities occupied at a time when players are looking for places to raid for resources - your cities were unavailable and that in itself is harmful for the game and puts other players playing against you at a disadvantage.

It is irrelevant that you "didn't know what you were doing". You should never agree to something you don't understand or don't actually agree with. The game terms of service would be one of those things you and your friends should have actually taken the time to look at.

I passed on your message to Soj. and he confirmed that he and his church will continue to pray.

I will not unban you or your friends.

Regards, JR - Game Moderator
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