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Youre a nut! Xx
At the end of the day, we're just a bunch of animals fighting for survival
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Greetings DAWland

Sorry for the trouble with the login... I have no idea what happened and I wasn't online when it did happen. I guess you all figured out that I didn't ban anyone by now ;-) I was actually spending time with family and engaging in real life - delicious real life at that LOL.

Regards JR - Game Moderator
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lol well that woulda been bad if we had all got a mass ban like that and when is kaly supposed to come back if you have heard anything and ar they preparing another server cause it may be needed sooner than they thought
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me to wait no i was actually banned darn hey jrrayder a little help please yes i still need help and yes it has been two weeks

the amazing used too be banned Kaiser Randall

i think it is but tomorrow may rain so i will go
yes this Kaiser was banned
all because
"I'm a writer, not a fighter" (hehe a song )

i know i know i just want that feel good feeling
is there a doctor in the house??? wait no doctor !!! well looks like nothing is going to get better for me.

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