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So in your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of joining an alliance?
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Old 02-14-2012, 03:47 PM
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Question So in your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of joining an alliance?

This question was mailed to me this week and I thought it good enough to put my answer right here in the forum.

Alliances come in all sorts of "flavors"... People generally think of an alliance as being a collection of people who share resources and attack common enemies. That is part of what makes an alliance but is the least part imho.

A basic alliance can get you some resources at startup and that can be very helpful but most basic alliances do not have the skill or leadership to actually help much in a fight.

The next level of alliance is a group that is well led... an alliance like this will help members with tactics and strategies that aid their overall game play AND give them people to relate to who make the game more fun.

At the top of the alliances are those that have the skills and experience to make support in wartime a reality. Those alliances are well led AND are made up of members who have a good skill set in the game. But more than that, there is an attitude of commitment and loyalty to each other that take their skills and focus them on a common task or enemy until the obstacle is removed or destroyed. There are only a few alliances in each game round with this level of play. They are generally elite in membership and their loyalty goes on from round to round. The rewards of being a member of a team an alliance like this is immeasurable.

I think this is a great topic for people to weigh in on... please put your experiences with alliances in the thread I've started.

Regards, JR (Game Moderator and Alliance Leader for The Blob Rules)
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Old 02-14-2012, 04:17 PM
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Talking Comradery

It's ALL that, also comradery, and the giggles, i started in an alliance, was not growing, then moved to another, ended up in TB@, i have grown exponentially, and as an alliance we have grown also, , its about everything, some things can not be said, the feelings of loyalty, honor, bretheren, respect
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Old 02-15-2012, 04:21 PM
diasho diasho is offline
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I have not found one yet here but speaking from past experience with other games i would say the chance to get to know people from across the country and across the world that you would not otherwise get to know, being able to work together as a unit, the sense of community and brotherhood that develops from fighting together particularly when going to war together and having to work as a unit to take out a well defended target, stand up for your alliance by blasting someone into oblivion that has talked too much smack in the forums, or turning a previous weak place into a impervious stronghold because some fool thinks they can attack one of your team mates.
To put it simply it puts an new level of fun to a game that otherwise would only be about building troops and smashing things that don't hit back which gets old fast.
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Old 02-21-2012, 09:12 PM
diasho diasho is offline
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Now that I have been on a little longer and am in an alliance I can answer this question better.

Alliances in this game have the advantage of giving new players people they can draw knowledge from and share resources with.

There is also a brotherhood and sense of community that develops from chatting with people in your alliance.

The current format of the game leads to primary targets being rebel villages and since in combat between players/alliances the only help that alliances can give is sending resources which the community as a whole will send more often than not regardless of alliance, unless there is a major war on, alliances while fun as a way to get to know people do not serve any major functional purpose.

The only advantage to an alliance as far as game play is you may get the resources faster and if someone attacks you while you cant share troops, you can have your friends attack the guy that hit you. While this an advantage it is not true support. It is simply saying hey im going to die here, once im dead avenge me.

That is a bit dramatic I realize but ultimately it is true. being able to attack the same target is useful in taking down hard targets. But if this is ever to truly become a game where epic battles between alliances become the norm I think alliance members need to be able to support each others cities. This would make being in an alliance more than a resource bank and a nuclear arms race type deterrent where all sides invite and build like crazy gobbling up rebels but never experiencing the potential this game has.
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Old 06-05-2012, 04:04 AM
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Default A real Life Example of the level of brotherhood that is hardly crossable!

I am too busy to post a thorogh answer, so all I will say is that the sense of brotherhood, loyalty, friendship, and that whole new level of Brotherhood that usually can only be welded together by prooving your just loyalty would be faster formed if you could trade troops along with resources. The welding consists of coming to your member in his needed time of your aid. This can mean attacking untill your last troop for this member, or sending every bit of your resources to this member!!! Types of Dedication like this is what makes a true alliance. I will give you a personel expierience that in a way is shameful. Not because of the heart the alliance had, but the closing story of the alliance. I will have to give you the history of it fist. It is a tragic story.

It started with three men as close as bloodbrothers. This is me, LeviBonBon, and Masterchief. We were starting one of those sacred alliances JRRayder is talking about. We told each other everythng going on, we would do anything to help each other out. I mean ANYTHING! We were great companians who were extremely loyal! We were most definitely happy campers!
That was before we made a fatal mistake... we broke the rules by multi-accounting. We had been ignorant not to read the clearly legible rules!!! We had been so nieve and arrogant to as not even read what we had agreed to!!! This got us banned... the downfall of our soon-to-be mighty alliance. Yet even as much as we were to blame JRRayder took mercy on our begging pleas... he is a kind and just ruler who I must thank many many times. How I was able to contact him on the game is a whole new story which is private except to certain people. We were not left off the hook so easy though-as we shouldn't be. We were condemned to never be in an alliance or be able to trade with each-other ever agan...
The example of the super level of brotherhood is that I refuse to forget about that alliance and start a new one! I will not pertray the duty and honor to that alliance, yet I will obey my commands to withdraw from it... there is that unexplanable loyalty to that alliance that I could not dare to come with a new one. I could NEVER just let go of the pledge I have to it and crush it in my hands by forming a new pledge! I WOULD SOONER LOSE MY CAPITAL!!!!!!!

Good thing that I didn't have to be in that hurry I thougnht I'd have to be in.
Your most honorable Brack

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Old 11-13-2013, 03:06 AM
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Lightbulb some people were born leaders

it seems to me that some people are born leaders.i was in an alliance once that all that happened to me was get attacked.i never grew in that alliance and so i left. i then found my own alliance(with the help of a great man and friend who had to leave recently ). i help people that have about 500 honor move up quickly and some liked it so much that they i said if you are nice to others they will be nice to you. after all that time i learned something some alliances offer nothing others will help you to grow.

the amazing used too be banned Kaiser Randall

i think it is but tomorrow may rain so i will go
yes this Kaiser was banned
all because
"I'm a writer, not a fighter" (hehe a song )

i know i know i just want that feel good feeling
is there a doctor in the house??? wait no doctor !!! well looks like nothing is going to get better for me.
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Old 04-14-2022, 09:51 AM
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advantages, alliance, disadvantages, joining

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